Pickering 60's Festival

Runs for 5 days Wed 12th - Sun 16th June

Pickering 60s Festival is a free annual event held in the small market town of Pickering, North Yorkshire. It is organised by a small committee of people and paid for by local fund raising events. Having now had five successful years the Pickering 60s Festival committee is currently busy planning its sixth year to be held on Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th, Friday 14th, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June 2013.
The Pickering 60s Festival event is held over 5 days of which the main attraction is live sixties music from both headline and local bands. Other activities include a parade of classic sixties vehicles, fancy dress, period hairstyling, memorabilia stalls, kiddies rides and much more. During the evening on each day of the event there is a local 60s tribute band in each Public House in Pickering. Simply pick your place and carry on the celebrations into the following morning.





If you wanted to stay for the full 5 days we do have these offers running;

Studio Lodge   £319

One Bedroom Lodge  SOLD OUT

Junior Suite SOLD OUT

Family Lodge £499

Supreme Lodge £545

Weekend Rates 

2 Nights in a Studio Lodge £160  was £190

3 Nights in a Studio Lodge £200  was £230


2 Nights in a One Bedroom Lodge £200 was £230

3 Nights in a One Bedroom Lodge SOLD OUT


2 Nights in a Junior Suite Lodge £200 was £230

3 Nights in a Junior Suite Lodge £235 was £285


2 Nights in a Family Lodge £240 was £280

3 Nights in a Family Lodge £299 was £350


2 Nights in a Supreme Lodge £260 was £300

3 Nights in a Supreme Lodge £340 was £385